A litter de la Maison du Garde-Barrière 

A litter

born 01/31/1994
Sire: Rec. Champ. SÁNDOR von Anitzberg (black ardoise * HD clear * PRA clear * recommended for breeding * Champion Slovakia)
Dam: ARWA Zevar CZ, SchH1 (Import from Slovakia, born in Czech * black * HD clear)


whelped 5/6, stillborn 1/3, raised 5/2 (1(1 fawn, 4/1 black)

  • APOLLO - black - he came to a couple in Lower Austria - both retired - and had the most beautiful life being a single dog. With 10 years he came back to where he was born. You can read more about this in his memory page
  • ARAMIS - black - he came to a couple being teachers and has a great life in an old farm house
  • ARISTIDE - black - he was placed only when he was nearly one and a half year old and came to a couple with a German Shepherd girl. For Aristide this was just great, as he had been growing up with our "Marko" and has had lots of fun with him
  • ARON - black - this boy was a bit longer with us, as his owners went on holiday before they picked him up. He fooled around very much here with Aristide and liked to turn the house upside down together with him. He then joined his life with a Boxer girl. He died on 03/05/2001 - he had to be put down because of very bad arthrosis in the spine
  • ATOS "Caruso" - fawn - his owners only wanted him, and only a dog from here. He lived together with a Newfoundland girl and had a very lively life. Completely unexpected he died much too early on 01/02/2000 caused by a thrombosis in connection with an intestinal occlusion. His owners wanted once again a Briard from here, but as we did not have a litter when they contacted as, they decided for another breed
  • AKIRA - black - this girl lived nearby in the neighborhood and had company from a mixed breed girl, for a short time also a Briard boy, a Beagle and a Bernese Mountaindog girl. Akira died on 02/15/2007, so only shortly after her 13th birthday
  • ALYSHA - fawn - she came to Vienna and had for a long time a comfortable life together with a German Shepherd girl, which came to the house after her. Since 09/10/2006 KANDIS "Chili" de la Maison du Garde-Barrière was her companion.  Lishi passed on March 13, 2009, at the age of a bit more than 15 years.