E litter de la Maison du Garde-Barrière

E litter

born 05/18/1999
Sire: UGO dit SAMSON de la Morne Plaine (Import from Belgium * black * HD clear * PRA clear, CSNB Carrier)
Dam: Sél. AJch. LOULOU dite YAZOO des Cèdres de la Montagne Noire, CGC (Import from France * black * HD 1/0 * CSNB clear * Austrian Junior Champion, Pre-Selected USA, Selected Slovakia, USA and Italy, breeding confirmation France, Austria, Slovakia, USA and Italy * Winners Bitch USA 2000)


whelped 4/4, raised 4/4 (all black), 1/2 CSNB Carrier, 3/2 CSNB clear

  • EINSTEIN NOIR - CSNB Carrier - he was some weeks longer with us and then came to "Arwa" and "Batida", also he died much too early: on 09/06/2006 he had to be put down because of the aftereffects after a treatment agains Borreliose
  • ECSTASY NOIR "Romeo" - CSNB clear, HD clear - Export to Pennsylvania - he was a successful show dog (Champion) and stud, unfortunately he died much too early on 11/24/2006: he was killed in a fire together with his sister and a mixed breed girl - his small memory page in memory Romeo
  • ESPRIT NOIR - CSNB clear - moved to "Clochard" - if he was also rolled over by his owner is something we don't know
  • EL NINJO NOIR "Shadow" - CSNB clear - Export to New Hamshire - he there lived together with his sister "Raven" - both of them are the mascots of the softball team at the University of New Hamshire - Video of "Shadow" & "Raven" (Windows Media Player). "Shadow" passed on Jan. 6, 2010 - completely unexpected and ouf course too early
  • EXCUSE-MOI WHOOPY - CSNB clear, HD clear - she stayed here with us and had a comfortable life. She was never used for breeding as she was too big. Whoopy passed suddenly and unexpected, much too early on May 16, 2009, only two days before her 10th birthday
  • ECOUTE-MOI CHEZ BAILYWICK "Cou" - CSNB clear, HD clear - Export to Pennsylvania - she, too, turned to be a successful show dog with Champion titles, she once had puppies for the kennel "Bailywick Briard, Ltd"
  • ELYSÉE NOIRE "Echo" - CSNB Carrier - Export to Kanada - she came to "Chloé" and "Dubonnet", but was - because she did not fit to the demands of her owners - placed already after one year; "Dubonnet" now is also with her
  • ESCADA NOIRE "Raven" - CSNB Carrier - Export to New Hamshire together with her brother "Raven" - Video of "Raven" & "Shadow" (Windows Media Player). She, too, passed much too early on May 12, 2009.