G litter de la Maison du Garde-Barrière

G litter

born 04/08/2002
Sire: Sél. JOLLY JUMPER GRIS des Monts d'en Crauzille (Netherlands, born in France * grey born black * HD clear * CSNB clear * Selected France)
Dam: Sél. OH-LALA des Monts d'en Crauzille (Import from Belgium, born in France * grey born black * HD clear * CEA/FD/PHTVL/PHPV/PRA/CATARACT clear, ERG clear, CSNB Carrier * Selected France and Italy)


whelped 1/5, raised 1/5 (1/2 grey born black, 0/3 black) * 1/2 CSNB clear, 0/3 CSNB Carrier

  • GUS GILLESPIE "Lt. Gustl" - grey born black, CSNB clear - he came to a family which had already had a Briard, and after a visit her only wanted a puppy from this kennel. Although there was no choice because Gus was the only boy, one could see from beginning on that this was just the right dog for this family. He had a great and happy life in a most wonderful loving home. In the night of November 24, 2012, he passed in the arms of his owner and went to his parents on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
  • GUCCI'S SURPRISE "Lara" - grey born black, CSNB Carrier - she came to a young couple and can be together with them all day long
  • G'AYSHA BLONDE "Aysha" - fawn, CSNB clear - her owners were already here before the puppies were born and by all means wanted a daughter from Oh-Lala in fawn. We based our thoughts that Oh-Lala would only have black and/or grey puppies. The character of Oh-Lala captivated this family so much that finally they did not care about the color. The joy was very big when we phoned after the birht and could tell that there was a fawn girl. Because the family had no breeding ambitions, the risk with a false color was not really a risk (fawn puppies out of grey breedings mainly turn to be very light respectively charbonné, which is unwanted). When visiting the puppies it came out immediately that Aysha was the perfect dog for this family
  • GROS BISOU - black, CSNB clear, Export to Switzerland - as we found out in the 6th week of her life, this girl had only be born with one eardrum, but she could - as hearing tests showed - hear on both sides perfectly. As we had to find an owner, who would take the responsibility that this dog was not allowed to swim or only with watching her carefully, Bisou stayed here for a long time - 11 months. And because she was rather reserved towards stranges, we thought about keeping her. Through Ferri's (Foudre Ferrari Noir de la Maison du Garde-Barrière) owners interests called. At the meeting with them within seconds came out, that these people were the ones for which Bisou had been waiting: she shortly looked at the people from the distance and then already sat on the owner's knee. It had really been worth to wait for that long time for placing Bisou ..... and she herself had chosen the people with which she wanted to spend her life. A perfect home, she lives together with a Tervueren male and is a happy girl, as we could see when we visited her
  • GRAFFITI SNAP - black, CSNB Carrier - this girl came to a young couple which lives in a farm house and also has some other animals (cats, ducks, ...). Graffiti felt fine there immediately and has given honor to her herding instinct rather early. Unfortunately we have lost contact to Graffiti's owners. In 2012 we heard that Graffiti has passed and that her owner won't take another Briard again as she was so very much unique for him
  • GAULTIER'S GALAXIE "Lexi" - grey born black, CSNB clear - she was about 4 months here. Just when interests called, she had a surgery behind her: she had injured herself while playing with the others at a car trailer and had torn out all the skin at one side, so that she needed to be stiched. This momentary defect of beauty did not bother the interests and so Lexi moved to Styria, where she is together all day long with her humans and has a great life. On April 27, 2012, she had to go to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge